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One session will not be enough to build your student-athletes' skills. #INVEST in them. Get your sessions on the books with one of the following packages! 

   Compare the packages and find the best fit for your player (and budget). 

Lakers Training Package


2- (individual sessions )

3- (Group sessions )

5 -(total sessions)

Training Variety!


5  sessions

1 -hour each

Mix of 1:1 and group sessions

Must use all 5 sessions within 45 days of purchase

Save $20

Customized Training Plan

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Knicks Training Package


4 - 1 hour- Individual sessions with trainer

Premium 1:1 Training time! 

4 Sessions

1-hour each

Must use  all 4 sessions within  30 days of purchase

1:1 Training Sessions

Customized Training Plan

Save $25

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Hornets Training Package


4- 1 hour- Group Sessions 

Group Training! 

4  Sessions

1- hour each

Must use all 4 sessions within 30 days of purchase

Group Training Sessions 

Customized Training Plan

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What our parents are saying

Your training session was one of the most comprehensive training sessions my son has ever attended. You corrected his errors and didn't let him get away with doing it wrong. 

Dad of Elijah (12)

Pay Per Session

Compare to find the best fit for you.


Per Session 

Great for those players who want all of the attention on them! 

1 hr session

Private Training

Customized training plan

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Per Session-per person

Tell a friend, bring a friend! 

1 hr session

Group training session

Customized training plan

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Sessions are tailored to work on each individual player's specific needs. Drills may revolve around shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, defense, and of course, footwork!

***Once a player is registered and the spot has been confirmed and payment has been received, there are no refunds as we book gym space according to reservations. 

Can't make your scheduled training? Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer a missed training to another date.***


Ready to start your training program?

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